The Coin That Only Goes Up

X RISE - First of its kind MemeFi token pioneering the Meme Finance movement.

XRISE is an explosive meme based token built with real utility and longevity in mind. Part memecoin, part utility token, and fully going to take the world by storm


XRISE is an ERC-20 token leveraging the power of the Ethereum Blockchain. Existing as part memecoin and part utility token gives XRISE one of the broadest market bases in all of crypto. A strong base makes for a strong token, with the foundation XRISE is built on anything is possible.
Constant rise by design. Unique token mechanics combined with capital injection will allow XRISE to maintain a positive uptrend indefinitely

Attractive Roadmap

Engineered for sustained growth.

Ethereum Blockchain

Solid foundation for limitless potential.

Technology CEX’s need

As we develop, we will provide must-have solutions for tier-1 CEXs


The #1 problem with crypto tokens is those without utility quickly lose their perceived value, pumping exhorbitantly high then dumping down to zero. RIP all prior memecoins PEPE SHIB DOGE SAFEMOON. As a first of its kind social utility token Xrise not only has perceived value to pump it up, XRISE has real value to provide longevity. Token mechanics and adaptive utility constantly build upon this value while at the same time providing additional avenues for continued growth.


Ticker Symbol: XRISE
Supply: 1,000,000,000,000
Network: Ethereum
CA: 0xA58A83361936471B50e2d1C7f99d422E6D73d397
Presale Address: xrise.eth
Buy / Sell Tax: 2.9%
100% of the collected Buy & Sell tax is used to support price and expand liquidity for $XRISE


Q3 2023 - Q4 2024

Industry Partnerships

Contract Development
Security Audits

XRISE Presale

Dex Launch, Liquidity Lock
Socials Expansion, CMC & CG

Global Advertising Campaign

Accelerated Community Growth
Mass Capital Injection

Top Tier Exchange Listings

Utility Implementation
High Profile Partnerships

Top 50 by Marketcap

Top Trending coin of 2024
Incentivized Burns, Rewards

Multiple Utility Releases

Partnership Expansion
Top 10 by Popularity


Presale Collection Address: xrise.eth

1. Open Metamask, Trust Wallet, or any other private wallet.
Do not send funds from an exchange wallet!
2. Enter xrise.eth as the recipient address.
3. Choose your desired amount of ETH and send the transaction.
Min amount 0.01 ETH, Max amount 25 ETH
4. Upon completion of the presale XRISE tokens will be sent to all participating addresses directly from the deployed contract. No additional fees are required.

Price: $0.00001

Total Raised: $300k

Presale Complete

Presale Advantages

Access to Member Rewards Program
Exclusive Community Rank
Additional Airdrops Worth up to $500
+22.5% Bonus Tokens


Smart contracts audited by leading security professionals

KYC-ed Team

KYC-ed team pending with

Community Owned

XRISE community owns the majority of XRISE tokens, not whales or devs